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These pieces of selenite are just over 2. 5 inches long. Each piece of a solid selenite soap stone is hand carved and polished so there are no rough edges, they can be used as great massage tools or as a nice piece to place in your hand or within your environment!! This stones are also a great supply for any Terrariums or displays. Such a beautiful stone.

Selenite can help cleanse your body and mind which make them great meditation tools to have in your collection.
This amazing stone has also been know to cleanse stagnant energy in ones area and can cleanse other stones as well.

Placing selenite pieces around your home or property line can form a protective grid, helping to dissipate negative energy brought into your realm!!

*Every piece will have slight variations, as these are hand carved Statements have not been approve by the FDA

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ON SALE!! SELENITE Stone/ Hand Stone/ Oval/ Polished Crystal/ Massage Tool/ Energy/ Terrarium Supply/ Crystal Specimen/ Unique Gift/ Healing

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